23 December 2017

Project #sanhìtattoo - #2

It's not quite time for #KPLN2018, so I guess it's fine if I continue to report about this in English, for now x) It's easier, hrh.

So, small update on the UV ink tattoo;
since I frequently have to wash and disinfect my hands and forearms thoroughly while working, I'm never really able to take good care of my fresh tattoos and so they dry out pretty bad pretty quickly and that added to the fact that UV tattoo ink on its own is supposed to be worked into the skin very carefully or otherwise it won't really show up nicely for long. So, yep, some dots are already gone- but that won't be a problem because as I said before, I can do touch-ups anytime and while I'll be at it I will be able to change the pattern a bit (increase spacing between dots etc.)...

How I was able to tell since my blacklight bulbs are so weak? Found that old tiny UV flashlight again that I believed lost forever and yep, it showed me how bad the lightbulbs really are. Tbh the UV ink is bright AF, so I'll just need to get a better source of blacklight and I'm good to go.

Since my first test, there was no reaction at all. No itchiness, no unusual redness or blistering or whatsoever, everything healed as perfect as I/my job allowed it to.

So, change of plans: Get a better blacklight and hand-poke (traditionally, without a tattoo gun) the touch-up-dots and new dots slowly and carefully, and it should all be ok. :)

See the difference from the first pictures I shared earlier, especially near my nailbed where the light doesn't hit as directly?

my crappy mobile camera
doesn't do the actual
luminosity justice

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