29 December 2016

Tsatsamsiyu alu Kxavu

Here's the progress of painting this:

24 December 2016

Torso troubles and damned details (BJD Blog #10)

Ketsukspaw; mi rey oe! My doll, still a WIP, too.
Been working on her lately more than "usual" (yep, doing nothing except for breathing and sleeping after work has become everyday life), so I picked up work on her torso, did a small touch up of her face (extra blushing, replaced eyelashes, tested another matte varnish) and started to build up joints and moveability.

Also, I got some new acrylic yarn, because I wanted to make her another wig with normal, silky hair, but that wool lost more material and length while combing than anticipated... So I have to figure out how to get that to work unless I want her to have short(er) hair. Would be an option, no? Dunno how I should possibly braid her tswin with those short strands of hair, though...

I was also unsatisfied with the way her old eyes looked - so I made a pair of new eyes. Still need to get that bulge of the cornea right... with varnish, hrh, because I can't find my resin anymore *sob*

Kezemplltxe I also got some pictures for ya'll. :) And yep, there's doll nudity ahead, don't look at it if you cannot cope with that, heh.

Her more refined,
yet rough torso
Her head, neck and upper body connected, necklace attached,
eyesockets empty because new pair of eyes
right next to her, lower body still too rough
to attach; preview of new hair behind her
Moveability of her head,
pretty wide range imho...
also thanks to
the moveable neck
With her current wig :)
And with her new herb pouch!

I'll start posting more regularly here again next year, also thanks to a new project I wanna participate in. Been very silent thanks to a bunch of health issues, physically and mentally. Meh.
Well, until then, my dear friends, I wish you a happy holiday and all the best for 2017! (Which will be a hopefully much better year than 2016 was for me ^^)