17 December 2018

Sanhì Tattoo - Update

Ok, I guess the project / idea is dead. Not only because I haven't reported on this for a while; I didn't do that for a reason, because like I said, I wanted to watch out for side effects whatsoever.
And I think that some occured; it's normal for tattoos to itch every now and again, simply because ink/pigment particles inside your body are foreign objects your body continuosly wants to get rid of, so your immune system continuosly attacks those - the occasional itch is normal nothing to worry about.
But, the spots where I'd worked that UV ink into my skin itch more often than would be normal, plus I've witnessed some sort of breakdown of darker tattoo ink that used to be there before the UV ink was added onto that. Also, the UV ink didn't really stay where I'd put it. All this is more than enough reason for me to not continue this experiment, nìkeftxo. It would have been awesome if it would have worked out somehow ;/ Slä, tsun pehem.