25 May 2015

Furia pamrel sivi nìNa'vi set 'efu ngeyn nìhawng hrh

16 May 2015
I'm too tired right now to write (everything) in Na'vi, lol. That's why I'll use English for the most part, just because I'm laaazyyy. Hey, it's weekend after all, and I had a looong day/week, so I'm allowed to be laaazyyy, okay?! :P

I went shopping today, together with a good friend of mine. We bought some buckle pumps, a bolero jacket, a neat purse/handbag and some make-up. I also bought a dress and black tights last week. Usually that's totally not my style, hrh. I'm more into casual and comfy street wear stuff, like jeans and chucks. But a friend of ours will marry next weekend, so it's time to spiff ourselves up xD I just hope that we won't "beat" the bride. It's her day, after all (and of her husband-to-be).
Well, just tried everything on to see if my outfit looks as good as I imagined. It feels totally awkward, because I'm not used to it (last time I wore a dress was on my Communion when I was 9 years old), but I still kinda like it.

17 May 2015
Aaah, well, was so tired, that I went to bed shortly after I wrote the first part of this post.
Anyways... Shopping was fun and hopefully the week will be over soon and the next weekend will come quickly.
My new "lertu" from Croatia was really nice, btw, I like her. She's a guest-tattooist, too, who stayed with us for a week. After that she traveled to the next shop where she'll work.
Being a guest-tattooist must be really nice. If you do it right, you can travel the world and even earn money while doing that. Maybe, some day in the future, I wanna do that, too. We'll see. I'm still an apprentice for now and quite happy with that, still :P There's still much to learn, right. But on the other hand, you're kinda life's apprentice forever, eh.

24. May 2015
Tseeee... the week went over very quickly, lol. As usual. It's crazy how fast time flies by during the working days. Crazy in a more negative way, because I don't always like it. It's good to be busy and get things done, be productive and useful, but it mostly feels like I'm running out of time. Like there's not much time left for stuff that I like to do while I'm home.
Anyways, yesterday we went to the wedding. We went to church for the ceremony. I hate churches. I hate Catholicism. I just hate it, don't hate me for hating it, rutxe. I have my reasons. However, the ceremony was more or less okay, and more or less over quick, and I felt really happy and relieved when we went to the more enjoyable parts of that day. Like some small games for bride and groom, drinking, talking, eating, laughing, enjoying new love and life (the bride's pregnant, so, yeah heh).
Today I felt completely beat, though, lol. Those shoes did take their toll. My feet still hurt like hell, and my muscles are kinda sore. Also, my back feels like it's gonna snap in two any minute xD But I guess the pain's worth it. Kinda, hrh.

Tomorrow's study group again, looking forward to it all week long. Also, the next GoT episode will be aired tomorrow. I hope dat Bolton-bastard will get what he deserves... Still wondering how stuff will turn out. I read the books, but I do respect the fact that "the books are the books, the show is the show", like GRRM said. But I can't help compare them. The show is based on the books, after all.
By the way, who of you guys enjoys GoT/aSoIaF as well? :3 If you do, who's your fav character?
Mine are Tyrion, Sansa, You-know-nothin'-Jon-Snow, Ser Friendzone *ahem* I mean... Ser Jorah Mormont ("whyyyyyyyy, why you?!!! No faaaaiiiiirr") and Brienne of Tarth. And yeah, prolly Dany. She's badass.
Too bad the Hound is already dead, but yeah... your fav character dying, that's what GoT seems to be all about, no?! T___T xD

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