18 November 2015

Nothing to talk about... except for a Na'vi Ball Jointed Doll!!! :D (BJD Blog #01)

I kinda tried more than a bunch of times to write something about anything nìNa'vi, but I couldn't find an interesting topic, so I wrote nothing in ages... again. So I decided to report my progress of making an OOAK Na'vi BJD here, which I wanted to make for quite some time now, but I finally got myself to invest some money in all the materials needed for this project.

I tried to create a Na'vi BJD 2 yrs ago or so before, but failed miserably, because of some project ruining mistakes. Well, it was my first try, I read and learned a lot so now I feel ready to go and being able to succeed.

I ordered proper modeling clay (LaDoll Premier), wool for hair, resin for the eyes, bought some beads and styroform balls for joints (joint base for perfect round shape), pastels, doll pupils, and so on... this time it will work out >:3

 I want the doll to even have posable ears, fingers, toes if possible. Will have to figure out a way for making that possible first, though.
And, of course, a posable tail!

I even prepared a more or less professional blueprint, lol:

(Looking at it right now makes me wanna make her torso a bit longer, so maybe I'll fix that)
The doll will be approx. 65cm tall. I also want to create a dagger, bow, some arrows, loincloth, herb pouch, armor, jewelry. Damn, a lotta work, eh.

The wool was the first thing to arrive here yesterday, so I spent the whole last evening creating dreadlocks (the palms of my hands still feel like I massaged coarse stone instead of wool lol). I used merino wool in black, mocca and dark brown instead of only one color to create a more natural look (hair isn't always the same color everywhere, especially dreadlocks). Basically I used this tutorial here (go have a look, it worked quite well for me).

After they were all done I removed the soap by washing them in a water/vinegar solution, neutralizing the soap, which is supposed to make the wool more durable and "vibrant". I let them dry over night and today I ripped some in half in order to make all of them more or less the same length and added some beads I had at home. Still need some differently colored beads, like red or green or something like that.
Anyway, here's the result so far:

I'm not quite happy with the tswin (long braid) yet, so I'll maybe create another one from smoother wool.

I don't wanna glue the dreads and tswin to the head directly, so I'll be making a wig cap. Because I maybe even wanna change the hairdo of the doll every now and then.

Next step will be making the eyes, because imho the eyes are the most important thing in a face/head, and the head is what is most important to get all body proportions right (even if you have a solid blueprint). For the eyes, I'll be using a mix of this and this tutorial with a personal twist.
So, stay tuned, for more BJD progress stuff will follow here! :)

And txopu rä'ä si, rutxe, a new page of Layon Yayo is also already in the making^^

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