20 November 2015

Preparing stuff while waiting for the starting shot (BJD Blog #02)

I gathered almost all the materials I need, except for the most important thing: the modeling clay, hrh. It's still on its way to my place. OTL

Anyway, I use the waiting time for preparation.

As you may already know, I prepared the hair for the wig a few days ago (see BJD Blog post #01).

I already made a mold for the eyes/eyeballs, so I can kinda easily ceate several eyeballs, paint them and fill them up with clear resin.

I just ground up some pastels I still had at home, mixing various colors and thus preparing a fine ready-to-use powder for blushing the body, face and eyes.
Here's what it looks like:

The various shades of blue will give the skin more depth and natural look. If you look closely, you can see that a Na'vi body has different blue colors, for example the belly is lighter than the neck or shoulders. After I will have given a blue base coat of acrylic paint to the finished body, these blue toned pastels will make a huge difference and add so much depth to the overall look. At least that's the plan hrh ^^
The darkest blues will prolly be used for the striped skin pattern.

Same goes for the pinkish tones, I'll mainly use them for the ears, nose, waterline of the eyes.

The yellowish tones are for the eyes. Well, for the iris, that is. Na'vi eyes are not bright yellow, they are indeed a bit less saturated in color and have various shades from yellow over brownish tones to a slight tint of pale green.
I added a pearl shine thingy to these colors, especially to the eye glow highlighter. It will reflect the light on the iris and will make the eyes pop and more lively. In fact, Na'vi eyes reflect light almost like (or even stronger than) feline eyes, you can see that in the scene from the movie where Neytiri attacks the group of Nantang which are attacking the still noob called Jake :D

It will take a few more days for the clay to arrive here, so I'll be using the waiting time for preparing the base for the body. The body needs to be hollow in order for the strings to go through the whole body and joints, so yeah. For this I'll prolly use paper tissue and foil, so it will be somewhat easy to remove after the clay has cured.

And yep, I think I've decided on making the torso somewhat longer. Right now I see the blueprint I made more like a guideline than a strict plan, hrh. Except for the joint sizes. Btw, I also decided on what joints I wanna make; I prolly wanna give the doll a doublejoint for the hips to give here a bigger range of movement, but this will make the legs look a bit more unnatural. Like "this is obviously a doll and not a real Na'vi, duh". I also wanna add doublejoints to the knees for the exact same reason. Well, one round joint on top and directly attached to that joint a part which can slide out of the shin.
I still don't know how to make the ears, fingers and toes posable, though. I guess I'll have to figure it out while working on those bodyparts.

Also, I think I wanna get GlowInTheDark or UV active paint for the sanhì, the glowing dots/pores.

Fyi, here's one last pic for today, showing all the materials I gathered so far:

Tse, that's all for today. Kìyevame ma smuk ^^

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