06 February 2017


I've just come home from watching "Split" at the movies. I'm no movie critic, so keep that in mind.

Before I went to see the movie, I've read some reactions, but no spoilers. Some people like hardcore disliked the movie (too boring, too incomprehensible), some were really thrilled by it and liked it a lot. So I went into it with like no expectations at all.

I don't know, the film went by so quickly, I really got sucked in pretty fast and easily. I don't wanna spoil anything, so I'll try not to.

Anyway, I love how the movie really took its time to tell the story. To really show what was going on and also what that meant on an emotional level. To show the dimension of this topic, the characters and everything. To build everything up.
I love how the movie implied that those who've suffered (extreme) shit (and survived it) are stronger and "better" than those who were granted the opportunity to live unharmed so far (no offense tho whatever). For someone who was bullied, called weak, a freak, a helpless mental case, that really felt like heart-balm.
I also love that this movie, unlike others, gave the mandatory respect to the topic which the movie's about. Of course, he was portrayed as a more or less dangerous individual and stuff, and I see that actual people affected by this disorder don't like being portrayed as a dangerous freak (again), but... This was the first movie, imho, which took its time to really tell and explain what this is about, as far as movies are capable of doing so. Including mental suffering, instability, but also potential, strength, inner organization, battles and growth. If that makes any sense whatsoever.

The ending before the movie title was shown one last time was conclusive and really satisfying. What happened after that... I'd call it a neat little easter egg for fans, but for me it didn't add anything to all that has happened before. At least not much.

So yeah, 10/10, would and will watch again, will buy the BluRay (and watch with commentary), would recommend, especially if you're into psychology or even through some (extreme) shit yourself.

Also, James McAvoy just nailed it. This man deserves like 5 Oscars for his performance alone imho.

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