07 December 2015

Sculpting the head - Part 2 (BJD Blog #06)

 After the eyelids were added, I layered the epicanthal fold on top. This picture also may let you fathom how big her head actually is (a bit bigger as the bluescript head, so I guess she'll become between 70 and 75cm tall in total).

 Added more to the forehead and the core of her new nose. ^^

 More defined nose, a bit asymmetrical, still. Will adjust that later. The clay looks a bit dirty because of the aid lines drawn with (colored) pencils (the clay picked up those pigments here and there).

 Also, more cheek and chin as preparation for adding the mouth.

Now she's drying again. If you look closely, you can see the core structures for her ears and neck (behind her head hrh) :3

Tewti, what a day full of sculpting that was. Hope I'll be able to continue tomorrow ^^ Ha, kìyevame! ;)


  1. Hew... Txantsan nìtxan nang, oe peng ^^

    1. Irayo :) If you like it, don't miss the newer progress on this doll :D


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