08 December 2015

Sculpting the head - Part 3 (BJD Blog #07)

I refined and sanded the nose and added more to the brows and connection between nose and cheeks. I also added the base of the mouth. I really like her nose, I think it looks great :)
I also filled up the holes where the ear joints will go, because they became too big due to adjusting the exact position.

The inner eyelids keep breaking or crumbling, because they're too thin. Overall I need to thicken up those lids, so they won't break once everything's painted and done.
I want her to have a somewhat neutral expression, so I'll try to make the mouth as "relaxed" as possible.

Sanding is a really great thing. Every little dent and unevenness will simply disappear and the ugly duckling becomes beauty with skin as smooth as silk. You'll see once all the sanding on her face is done :)

Time for dem sexy lips.

 Then I was so concentrated on sculpting and sanding that I forgot to take more pictures. Oeru txoa livu! >.<
I literally kept going until she was done. Adjusting symmetry, adding details, a little bit of carving and lots, lots of sanding. Additionally I drew a line on her head where I would cut it in half in order for stringing, jointing and so on.
Face done!

After I was done with sanding, I began cutting along the line daaaaamn carefully. I didn't wanna break her head, hrh... o.- Well, I actually did, but whatever ^^

Then it was time to peel out that damn styrofoam piece after piece, rather too little than too much at a time. The clay on the inside at the back of her head was still somewhat wet. Oo
After I was done with that, it was time to remove the wooden beads that helped as a replacement for the actual eyes. That proofed to be the trickiest part up to that point. Because the beads kinda bond with the clay very hard... So yeah, I messed up, I broke out a bit of her eyelids. But that's nothing that can't be fixed!

Now look at her in all her glory, hrh. I am totally in love with her. How about you? :)

 First eye test after removing the first wooden bead.

Final eye test. With a broken eyelid. But whatevaaaa ^^ Love her. <3

But the head is not done yet, of course. I need to thicken the inner layers a bit here and there to give her head more stability, prepare the joins for the neck and ears, and of course, paint her ^^
So, again, stay tuned for the next part!


  1. That looks amazing! The eyes seem so real… @_@ ketsukspaw! Tìvusarìri srefereiey nìprrte’.

    1. I know, right xD Inserting her "real" eyes made all the difference. It was like breathing a bit of life into her, hehe.
      I can't wait to paint her face, it will make her look even more real, I hope :)


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