14 December 2015

Sculpting the head - Part 4 (BJD Blog #08)

Short notice on LAYON YAYO: The newest page is halfway done and will be published asap! ^^ Didn't forget about that, hrh. Luckily only one week left until holiday and looots of spare time. Also I made a dream of meself come true and got a new Wacom Intuos Pro M! So awesome!!!

Now, on the BJD head. ^^

A lot was done again. I fixed the broken eyelids, sanded a bit again, gave it an overall finish, cleaned it and applied 2 base coats of blue acrylic paint. I mixed some blue with lots of white, a bit of black and a bit of red to get a nice blue, somewhat desaturated base color. I tested the color on the back of her head and adjusted the mixture until I was happy with it.

Once the base coating was dry, I applied some first blushing with the pastel powder I've had prepared some while ago.

Then I forgot to take more pictures, again xD Txoa! What followed was more blushing with darker blues and light blue and even white. Then I started to get the details on her face with colored pencils in medium blue, dark blue, black, pink, flesh color thingy, magenta... until I was happy with it. Filled in the blank spaces where her ears will be with basic color, adjusted the blushing and began to add the stripes to her face with medium and dark blue.
In between I sealed everything with varnish over and over again.

I've added some black eyelashes and stuff until I thought it was done. Then I inserted her eyes back again and made some tests how she'll look like with ears and stuff :) So yeah, that's how she looks now.

She looks way better in RL, the camera doesn't get the colors and the proportions right (some kind of fisheye lense effect). I'll make a video in proper daylight once her head is all done!
 I need to coat her eyes with another layer of varnish to make them shiny again. They became a bit dull after adjusting the eyelids. I also think that her lips look somewhat too dark. Need to fix that.
Also, her tanhì/glowing dots are still missing and whatever I'll find worth adjusting ^^

But, first will come the ears. As you can see I attached them too the joint balls and next will be detail work on them. So, yet again, stay tuned for the next part! :)

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