21 December 2015

Sculpting the head - Part 5 + Wig + some Jewelry (BJD Blog #09)

Tse, ma frapo, poeri key/re'o lu hasey! Well, everyone, her face/head is done! Almost, that is. She's still missing her ears, hehe, but her "faceup" (painting of the face) is all done.
I even created the wig cap + wig and made some jewelry already. Here are the pics of all of that:

I made the wig cap after her face was done so far... for that I wrapped some plastic foil (saran wrap) around her head and fixed it with some rubber bands. This was for making sure that her face won't be damaged in any way. Above of this I wrapped some fabric around her head. I used some old tights/pantyhose in black. Fixed again with rubber bands. Then I added a layer of glue where all of her hair would go. Let it dry, added another layer. Let dry again, then removed the layers from the head, separated foil and fabric, cut out her hairline very roughly and put the wig cap back on her head. Then I marked where her hairline would go exactly with a white colored pencil and cut along those lines. Done was the wig cap:

Onto a wig cap like that you can glue or sew any hair you want to. Since I had her dreadlocks already prepared and waiting, I added those - row after row, starting from the bottom.
First row of dreads:
As you can see I wrapped her in saran wrap again, because I glued the dreads to the wig cap. Working with glue can get messy, so yeah, safety first ;D

This is what she looked like after most of the dreads were glued onto her head (still missing the topmost dreads):

After all dreads were glued onto her wig cap, I added the tswin (long braided queue) and checked the overall length of her dreadlocks, realizing that most of them needed to be cut a bit in length:

After cutting her hair I put the wig aside and focused on adding the sanhì (glowing dots) to her face.
I haven't had any UV active paint or pigments at home, but a small UV black light lamp. So I used it to see if any of my pens and stuff would glow under UV light - and yes, some did! :D No need to buy expensive UV active pigments, yay!
I cut one of my yellow marker/highlighter pens open and removed the middle part which holds the ink. I squeezed most of the ink into a small container and added white and blue acrylic paint. After mixing it well (checking with the UV black light) I put some of it into another small container and thinned it down with quite a bit of water. This mixture was used to add the sanhì to her face with the help of a very thin detail brush:
First row of sanhì... Normal light and UV light. Constantly kept checking if I spilled or smeared any of it all over her face, in order to keep the dots as clean as possible.
Kept adding all of her sanhì one by one, creating a unique and pretty pattern I liked. After every dot was where it should be and everything else was clean, I sealed everything with 2 layers of matte varnish. I added some high gloss varnish to her lips (after I lightened them up a bit) and upper eyelids, as well as to her waterlines, to make them all nice and shiny. After everything was dry, I glued fake eyelashes to the inner side of her upper eyelid.
And yeah, that was everything else I had to do in order to finish her face. Here's the final result:
UV black light
With her wig on

While everything was drying (glue, varnish, blablah) I used the time to create some jewelry. I made some necklaces, a belt, a bib necklace and even a necklace with a bird skull pendant. Here is some of that stuff:

Some necklaces and the belt are adjustable in size (close mechanism). I even bought some small magnets for her head to be closed and opened easily. Also some thin felt for protecting her joints in a matching blue color. And also some feathers. Yeah, I'll prolly add some feathers to her accessories and also a bow and arrows!

I still need to make her ears, hehe. This will be the next step (for real!) and then her torso + neck.
So, again, stay tuned! :)

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